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Leveraging Technology as a Marketing Tool

Digital marketing is the all-mighty gateway between electronic technology and marketing psychology
(Marina Daniel – BA General Business Marketing)


Technology has changed the marketing landscape. With the advent of smart phones and social media, marketing professionals are now engaging customers in a whole new way. Emails and WhatsApp have become the advertising channels. Search engines optimization, social networks, banner ads, blogs, websites, smartphone and tablet ads, digital billboards and scrolling messages has become the norm for communicating with customers.

This has also given way to the introduction of new programmes such as digital marketing, marketing online, internet marketing and social media marketing. Along with new career paths: Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Executive, Social Media Content executive and Marketing Communication Officers to name a few.

Public Relations Officers have to become dynamic and forward thinking. As the PR tools now include mobile tools and platforms such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, the landscape of the PR strategies has to adapt to respond to emerging new conversations.

It was said that Donald Trump’s obsession with Twitter is what gained him the presidency. This is a demonstration of the impact of social media and its outreach. It is therefore extremely important to embrace technology and make it an integral part of your marketing strategy. As technology would give you the tools to build and deepen your relationship with your clients and potential clients.


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